Incubating help for a newbie ;-)


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May 17, 2012
I have a question, I am new to incubating eggs. I have several eggs in the incubator at day 10. Most of them seem dark at one end with veins, but I have a couple that look like there is only a yolk in it. Are the ones with the yolk dead? I was also wondering if the other eggs are growing too fast. I saw a thread with pictures and my eggs looks like the ones from day 12 in the other thread.

My incubator is right at 100 degrees and 40% humidity.

Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!!!!!
The only yolk ones are most likely unfertile eggs and never had a chick start to grow in it, take them out. The other eggs are most likely not growing to fast. Just stop turning them on day 18 like you are suppose to if they are going to hatch earlier then you thought then you get chicks earlier then you thought
I feel better now. I am on day 12 and I can see the air bubble on most of them and I can see veins i all of them. A couple of them moved while I was candling them!!!!! EXCITING!!!!!!!

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