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    Feb 19, 2017
    Hey guys I've decided to try my hand at hatching Muscovy duck eggs. I'm completely new at hatching eggs and have done quite a bit of research on hatching Muscovy eggs. However, I was wondering if any one has any preference on the type of incubator or if anyone has any tips on hatching Muscovy eggs? Thanks in advance!
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    Hi and [​IMG]!
    All i can say is that duck eggs require higher humidity than chicken eggs. The easiest way is to go with an automatic incubator with which you can set the required humidity. However many people achieve similar results with homemade incubators and basic incubators by monitoring humidity themselves. So it should get down to your personal preference and the way that works better for you.
    I am not experienced with incubators and that information is what i catch from people here on BYC.
    I am sure someone with more knowledge will pass by and give a few tips.
    Happy to have you around and keep us updated.
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