Incubating Peafowl eggs

La Mike

(Always Slightly Off)
10 Years
Nov 20, 2009
Just that do you or dont you
I have a peahen laying eggs but wont sit them so do I incubate them or leave it be
I dont want them not too hatch.

Any help would be appreciated
Have you seen the male do his thing yet???, You can put them in the incubator just to see what happens I put three in mine yesterday just to see

He's always showing off and after my hens
I have never incubated one and didnt know if you should so thats why the ?
I guess I will pop mthem in there and see what happens
How many days is incubation on them?
They are somewhat hard to get to hatch in a incubator but if its running why not. When i had peafowl i alway let them hatch there own but i separated the nesting one from the rest of the flock. They where always the best mothers.I hatched a emu last winter and i turned it everyday for it seemed like forever and gave up on it one day and a few days later i went to throw the eggs way and that little monster jumped out of the incubator.

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