Incubating quail eggs in a Brinsea Mini Advance Incubator


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6 Years
Sep 20, 2013
I have a Brinsea Mini Advance Incubator that I have used several times to successfully hatch chicken and duck eggs. I know they sell a separate "disk" that holds the eggs that are smaller for quail eggs. Instead of spending another chunk of money, could I just use the disk for the chicken eggs and maybe put 2 eggs in each slot?..
I don't think that would work very well. I think you would probably end up with crushed eggs. I also have an Eco. I just remove the disk and hand turn my quail eggs. I can fit about 25 in there that way. I think the disk only allows 10 or something like that. I cut a circle out of some rubber shelf liner that my wife had sitting around. I lay it inside the incubator so the eggs don't roll around and then also for hatching so their legs don't slip on the plastic tray.


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