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    This is sounding really ignorant and I guess that's my case. What exactly do they mean by turn the eggs? The first thought I have is rolling them completely over but I have been looking at automatic turners and what I see is a devise that basically rocks the egg . What is required?

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    Turning is just to prevent the yolk from sticking to the membrane inside the eggs. So rolling them a 1/4 to 1/3 of the way around 3 or 4 times a day should prevent that from happening. Never let your eggs sit on the same side two nights in a row. I've heard people say roll as much as you can and others who oppose but really just making sure you move them will suffice.
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    The easiest way to hand turn eggs is on one side mark and 'x' with a pencil. On the other side mark an 'o'. Obviously you place all the eggs on the side with the same letter, then when you turn you turn to the opposite letter. This will giveyou the 180 turn you need and it will help you keep track of which eggs you have turned. It is recommended that eggs should be turned at least 3x's a day, but more is better. Always turn then an odd number of times before you go stop for the night. As the previous poster stated, the eggs should not be left on the same side every night and an odd number of turns prevents that.
    The automatic turners do tilt the eggs left to right, but unless you are going to incubate in cartons and raise and lower each side, periodically, laying them down is the way to turn. Hope that helps.

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