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    I recently ordered some turkey eggs by mail, and my plan was to hatch them under my two broody hens (chickens). However, as soon as I ordered the turkey eggs, my hens decided to call it quits. [​IMG] I have a tiny incubator (Brinsea mini advance). I've searched this site for all the turkey egg hatching threads I can find, but I'm still not sure of one thing. Once they start hatching, do I keep them in this tiny incubator for up to 48 hours as some suggest, until they all hatch? The photos I've seen of others' incubators are so roomy, but my incubator is of course nothing like that. The eggs arrive Wednesday. My first hatch, I'm excited!
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    Poults are not easy to Incubate to start with and if you have a Incubator that has a egg turner then it needs to be stopped or taken out depending what kind you have one day approx. I leave them in the Incubator after there hatched and then put them in a clean breeze free area with wood chips Game bird starter and fresh room temp water making sure each Poult knows were there food and water is by dipping there beaks in both as many times as it takes don't drown them LOL.
    Some people placed colored marbles in the water to attract the Poults don't forget the heat lamp allow them room to move away from it to adjust there own comfort in temp.

    A home made one with a egg turner bought would do if you have the ability to build one there are Styrofoam ones 1 to 2 hundred dollars then there the high end 4 to 8 hundred.
    I bought a $200.00 Incubator and had better hatch rate with the home made Incubator for approx, $75 to $90 supplies and house hold items.
    $50 for egg turner at the time and $25 to $40 for the other materials.
    If you are getting into big time Incubation then a $500 to $900 Incubator is what you need or then again build a bigger Incubator.

    Good luck
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