Incubating small Fertile egg.

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    Feb 25, 2016
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    My 6 month old legbar pullet laid her first egg in the dirt and we have a cockerel of the same age so I decided to incubate the egg on the off chance. So it's day 14 and the egg is developing great! But looking at this egg and her newer eggs its relatively smaller. Will there be any problems in hatching or will it grow to the size of the egg or the size its capable too? Do I need to lock down sooner than 18 days or ? I don't know what to do! I've searched for a question to see if there were already answers but I don't know if any exist... Note. We had three cockerels.. An Orpington, a Legbar and a bantam Silkie, any of them could be the father, will this also affect things?
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    Hi. I think the chick will be smaller than usual if it hatches and i think it is more difficult to hatch pullet eggs. Somebody more experienced should come along though and help you out.

    @Sally Sunshine should be able to help! Posting in her thread Incubating with Friends should help or Hands on Hatching & Help should help. Good luck

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