incubating store bought eggs


11 Years
Mar 17, 2008
I bought some free range eggs from my local supermarket, when I was preparing the eggs I noticed that they were fertile so I put one in the bator just to see. It is now on day 14 and developing well, I didn't know this was possible !!
I did notice that they were from a local farmer and I chose one with the smallest air sac ( doesn't that mean they are fresher
) If it works will definatly try it again but maybe I was just lucky with the one !
I am shocked. I would never have thought to do that. I can't remember right now about the airsac, but if it is developing, it must be okay! I will be interesting to see what you get.
I get eggs through a local CSA. (I don't really need them, they come in the package). My hen went broody so I decided to put 6 eggs that I had just received from them under her. They are supposed to be free range/pasture-fed. We'll see what happens. They are on Day 7 today. I haven't checked the other eggs in the fridge to see if they're fertile. I just read how to do that yesterday so I'll have to check them out when I cook breakfast this morning.
Good luck with your little baby!
when I bought them they were not in a fridge , The shop will be of no use to you it is called ecomarche but I am English and I live in south France.
I was suprised as free range does not always mean they are with a cock but nearly all the eggs that I bought from there were fertile.

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