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    I have a bit of a problem. I have a friend that is going through a family crisis so she brought her incubator over to my house to hatch her eggs for her. Hatch day is tomorrow, 12/01/16. Last night when she brought them over, there was one baby that had already internally pipped and you could hear it chirping inside. So, before they left we candled them so I could see what I was dealing with. All 12 of the babies were alive and seemed to be doing well. One egg had an extremely small air sac so I was instantly concerned about that one. I assumed it must have been a double yolk egg and that was why the air sac was so small..about the size of a dime.

    Anyway, I fully expected to wake up to at least one baby running around in the incubator but the one chirping last night had never even made it's external pip. I took it out of the incubator to candle it and realized immediately that it was dead. I candled the rest of them quickly and saw 3 more that had died overnight. The other 8 still seem to be fine.

    I did an "egg-topsy" on the 4 that had died so I could see what happened and what COULD happen to the other 8 babies. The 4 babies all died the same exact way. They had all fully absorbed the yolk, all the blood veins were gone. All 4 babies were fully developed with no noticeable abnormalities. They looked like perfect little dead babies. The only thing was..all the babies were accompanied in their shells by large blobs of white pasty looking goo. They were not sticky babies. There was no excess fluid in the shell, so I ruled out drowning. I assume the white junk in the eggs was bacteria.

    A little background info: the incubator was a homemade incubator. It was not a new styrofoam cooler, it was an old one that was very dirty (stained). They also had the eggs laying on wood chips. One other issue I noticed is that they wrote on the eggs with a Sharpie marker. The heat and humidity were dead on perfect. So the issue didn't seem to be heat or humidity level related. ( I have hatched many eggs before)...They seemed to have absorbed the bacteria along with the yolk..

    SOOOO Here is my question,

    Hatch day is tomorrow for the rest of the eggs. None of the eggs have internally pipped yet. (3 of 4 the dead ones never internally pipped either). They are still actively moving around in there. Should I leave them be... or should I get them out of the shell? I am sure they are going to be in the same situation and most likely they will all die too from that bacteria. I have assisted many a hatching egg before with great success...but I am stumped on this one. I can still see blood veins so I am afraid of rupturing one of them trying to give it an air hole to breathe out of ..but I am CERTAIN if I do nothing at all they will all die.
    One last note.. my friend purchased Silkie eggs. Of the 4 that died so far, only 2 of them had black skin. So I am sure she was not given 12 silkie eggs. The other 2 had nice pink skin.

    What should I do?
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    Oh my, so sorry I just got your message and saw this. What has been going on since? Have any others internally pipped yet? I personally would wait and give them a chance to internally pip and try to hatch out on their own. It's just too risky opening them up too early. I understand your concern, but if it really is some kind of bacterial infection in there, helping them hatch will not really help the situation. They would most likely die from the infection anyway. :(

    The goo you found inside the eggs, could it just be the normal waste material that is usually in the bottom of the egg when they hatch out? That's what it kind of looks like to me, but I have zero experience hatching chickens. Just ducks and geese.
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    Aw I'm sorry :( I have no clue what happened, but please keep us updated!
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    Just wondering, what exactly were the temperature and humidity for incubation and then hatch day?

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