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    would it be safe to incubate eggs after giving a hen Tylan 50?

    Back story - I have Serama (no brainer there), and because they aren't cold weather hardy and we have so many predators around, I have them housed in my basement until I can get their shed in 2-3 weeks... Whenever I go down to do food an waters, I always have help to get it done faster.. 2 nights ago, I noticed my one roo who is suppose to go to show in next month, Had started weaving against the wire trying to get at a young cockerel that was housed next to him... I told my "helper" to grab one pair and I would grab the rooster an we were going to swap cages since the cage the rooster was in was bigger anyways.. I put the rooster in the pair's cage and I moved so my "helper" could put the pair in roo's cage... My back was turned an I hear all heck break loose an I see my hen laying on the ground of the cage, panting an her wings spread out.. I asked "what the H*** happened" and my "helper" didn't way a word... I said "WHY did you drop her in the cage!" (the cage door on the top) my "helper" just makes the comment "Oh, she's fine!"... I picked her up from the cage an she was still panting and and she would not stand! I ran her upstairs and sat her on the table on a rag for footage an I rocked her from one side to the other and she would not extend her legs and at one point I was able to put her on her back and she didn't fight... after about 45 minutes, she started getting up an walking around but she staggered... I put her back into the basement that night in a cage by herself and put a heat lamp on her... the next morning I checked on her and she was still staggering around but at least up an moving, 3 hours later and was acting like she did when it first happened an was back to panting... I gave her a shot of Tylan 50 yesterday thinking she might have a broken egg and because of her sudden raspy breathing after the fall... She laid a perfect egg last night... A friend said she might have some brain or nerve damage from the fall so she will become a house pet an I wont be able to breed her ever again... I have 4-5 eggs from her before this and the eggs she will continue to lay are still fertile for a little while... If I can not breed her again or she ends up dying, I want as many babies from her as possible, would it be okay to incubate the eggs she continues to lay throughout the next week even though she has 3 more days of Tylan shots left? The rooster we moved into the hen's pen is her brother so I can still get babies from her gene pool but I want babies from her!

    Here are some pictures of my pretty girl from this morning while I cleaned her cage out...
    notice in picture #2 how she's rocked back onto her hocks and her toes on her left foot aren't extended...


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