Incubation idea.. would it work? Sorry for possible repeat.

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    Feb 2, 2011
    Hellooo! I've been lurking [​IMG]... Looking at many of the great designs for home-made bators. After some staring... at the ceiling.. The wheels started squeaking and I MIGHT have an idea for a free (for me at least) incubator... Thats if some of the brilliant peepers on here can tell me if this would even work. If not.. I will have to choose someone elses idea and try to sneak little parts into the house without being caught (Given the looks I got when cost for my coop ect. were estimated [​IMG])

    So my idea is this....
    I have an empty tiled closet (approx 3ft x 2ft) with a door.
    I have large plastic tubs or cardboard boxes if needed.
    I have 1 inch thick styrofoam peices (From some other pet expenditures).
    I have hay (LOL) and also old towels.. newspaper ect. ect.
    I have a very reliable space/personal heater I have been using all winter (Yes.. Im in S FL.. and 60 degrees IS winter here.. Hehe).. which cost me all of $18.00 and I haven't turned it off once in 3 months.. I just switch to the fan mode during the day.

    I'm thinking I can place the heater on full in one part of the closet.. Add some water in a bowl/sponges.. Egg cushion area on the other side...

    Ohh darn... I will have to get a thermostat... I will check the garage... and if not Im out the cost of that...
    I dooo have many aquarium thermometers! Somehow I dont think thats going to help [​IMG]
    But I must note... I am not handy with electric stuff. The last thing I tried to splice and dice (with aid) ended up more diced and not really.. okay.. not at all working.

    My wheels may need some WD40..... Any help?


    Okay! Want to hear my other idea??? I have a lovely 20 gal long unused aquarium with lights/heater ect. and I reallllly want to try and make a chicken boat.. or floating chicken raft... minus the chicks drowning of course.

    You wont break my heart... completely *sniff*.. if you tell me I shouldn't try being an inventor [​IMG]

    Who *Almost* pushed the "buy now" button on some lovely Silkie eggs last night... ahhhh.. I cant stop it... The button is calling me...
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    wow... there's a lot of stuff going on in becky's head... LOL...

    welcome to BYC...

    but, what i learned while making my own fridgebator is that you can't be cheap if you want success... i ended up spending 100 bucks on my incubator... it would've been 50, if i would've kept the water heater thermostat... but i really needed a temperature controller so i got a used ronco... but if your house or wherever you're gonna have this bator is stable, you might be fine with the water heater thermostat...

    again, you're gonna need a good solid hygrometer... i highly recommend the petco brand one... 5 bucks and calibrated to 76% out of the box... very happy with that purchase... i also got a yellow digital thermometer from petco too... calibrated with my fish tank, and it's spot on... my tank has a controller...

    you also have to think of it this way... say you saved 50 bucks by cheaping out on all kinds of stuff... but only hatch 2 eggs out of every dozen you buy... how much money are you wasting now...? you could also get some great deals on craigslist or ebay... look for a used styrofoam incubator with a fan and turner... turner IMO is a must... i'm always busy, and sometimes dont' have someone to turn them for me... but everyone finds their own niche...

    whatever you do, good luck, and don't give up... but i hope you decide to build smart, instead of cheap... but if it works, why fix it...? right... if you get it to work your way, more power to you...

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