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Jan 12, 2012
Hey! I am planning on hatching some chickens and guineas this year. I have about 20 birds in my flock but have never hatched any myself. I was going to get an incubator from but then read some bad reviews about them on here. So looks like I'm getting a Hova-bator 1588. Especially now that Ive seen the new model!! However I have some questions...

I have done a LOT of reading on this, I'm a research fiend when I'm starting something new. But what should happen between pulling the eggs and placing them in the incubator? Do I need to leave them sitting out for any length of time? What should I do with them while I'm waiting to have enough to fill the incubator? etc etc....

Also I see a lot of controversy over humidity levels, what are the pros and cons of high humidity vs low humidity?

Any other tips or advise you care to offer will be greatly appreciated.



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Dec 2, 2010
I keep mine in a wine cooler set to 55 degrees while I wait to get enough to hatch. I also place them in a carton,pointy side down, and turn the carton from side to side three times a day to keep the yolks from sticking to the shell. For best results, don't hold eggs for more than 10 days. However, I have hatched some myself that I have held longer. Also, don't clean the eggs with water, just brush them off with an egg brush if necessary. I hope this helps and good luck hatching.


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I store mine in an egg carton, pointy end down, in a cooler part of the house.Studies have shown that hatch percentage will begin to decrease if you keep them longer than 10 days . You can add another batch a week or so later and the chicks can still be raised together if you don't get enough within a time frame you are comfortable with. .......stan.

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