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  1. I just had our first duck egg hatch. This egg was 40 days old on the day of hatching. Which begs the question, just what is the incubation period for duck eggs? Is this the normal experience for you?

    Also, I know some of the eggs I have are no good but what is a good way to tell if they are bad eggs or not? I broke open a couple of rotten ones but then one I was sure was bad was a good one. Bummer.

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    Well regular ducks take 28 and muscovies take 35 but 40! [​IMG] Are you sure you counted right!
  3. Actually it spent 34 days in the incubator. We put a slug of eggs in that were up to 2 weeks old at that time. I threw out a few I was sure were bad but one dated 4/11 was alive and was less than a week from hatching. I was bummed to have opened a live egg so close to hatch. That egg was 37 days old and had been in the incubator 26 days. My family is now watching eagerly the rest of the eggs. [​IMG]
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    You don't begin counting the age of the eggs (for the purposes of incubation anyway) UNTIL they are in the incubator. The length of time required to hatch is based on when incubation began, not when the eggs were laid.
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    Makes me wonder if the temperature was running on the low end. That can prolong the incubation period.
  6. My kids date the eggs so maybe the numbers (before incubation) was not reliable. Anyway it is a learning experience for us. [​IMG]
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    If you use a bright light, with a piece of cardboard over it and a small pin size hole in it, you can "candle" the eggs and see what is inside. You should usually do this at various stages of gestation to make sure they are still viable, and moving.
    Hold the egg up to the hole in the cardboard and it will illuminate the inside of the egg.
    Good luck.

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    My duck is sitting on 21 eggs how long does it take to hatch

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