Incubation with antibiotics


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Apr 13, 2008
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I personally wouldn't as there might be a possibility that the baby chicks might have birth defects or problems. Since we don't use antibiotics here, it's a mute point, but my suggestion is to give the antibiotics a chance to clear out of the hens system.

Let's see what others say.

Have a blessed dya.


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I have only researched the "hatching chicks while worming parent stock" subject. They say it's fine with worming meds, but I have no idea about antibiotics.
Why are they on antibiotics, though? Many things you'd give those for are diseases passed through the egg, just do you know.


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Jun 15, 2008
What antibiotics? If you just mean medicated feed that shouldn't be a problem and if nothing else just switch feed and in about 3 days you can start using the eggs with no worries. If you are medicating seperately for an illness I would not use the eggs for anything until you are done and then wait a few days to a week depending on the medication.


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For the past 3 days every morning when we go to check the quail we have a bird dead, well for the past two days we have had 3 to 4 dead. At first we thought it might be the weather or the water then we had some dying that wasn’t even near the others and we realized it might be something more wrong. This morning was really the first sign something was affecting all the other birds many were obviously nostalgic. We put aureomycin in their water. From past experience we know the birds or their eggs cannot be consumed, but we were in the middle of our incubation process and were hoping to completely fill our incubator with 200 more eggs.

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