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Have Incubator, Will Hatch
12 Years
Nov 26, 2008
Neenah, WI
how flexible is how you incubate? how accurate do you need to be? does everything need to be spot on? what if its not, do you toss? worry? not be patient?

Here's one for you to think about. (yes this happened to me) been hatching for 6 years or more,

I have a GQF Sportsman incubator, 3 trays, I generally hatch weekly, but if i get an egg from one of my rare birds, I date it, name it and put it in, (a tray holds about 90 eggs) so have eggs hatching all the time (mostly), I had a batch of my Mahogany faverolles in ( I also don't candle till day 18-19 ) with a batch of my SQ booted bantam 18 eggs. the Shed my 'bator is in I keep at 50 degrees, but it is very brite, so I need to take any eggs to candle during the day in the house, took the tray out, placed it on the top of the 'bator, removed MF eggs took them in the house, I didn't put tray back in thinking that I would but right back with good eggs, candle the booted, put them in the hatching tray, like I always do. candled all the fav eggs not one was good, I forget the booted where left out of the 'bator. when i went back 12+ hours later, found out what I did.
it was dark so candled the eggs, 6 clear, 2 red ring, 11 dark, good?
To heck with it I put them in the hatching tray to see what happens, hatch date was to be Mon, checked nothing going on, tue nothing going on, today we had a snowstorm so didn't go in the shed till late in the day, 5 babies, 2 pipping and maybe more, I will check in the morning.

My temp runs between 99.5 and 100.5, my humidity 50% but there are times it runs out and go's down to 30%, I open my 'bator when a hatch is going on, alot, I don't get 'shrink wrapped chicks', I do not 'Help', and there have been times more than I care to say the chicks jump out of the turning tray because I didn't notice the date wrote on the egg.

life happens. don't stress yourself when hatching, follow the 'rules' but when something gets in the way, go's wrong, or just happens go with the flow, do your best.

Candling is fun but not necessary unless you need the room, hatches can take up to 23 days, sit on your hands at hatch time 'DON'T HELP', if your temp drops or raises, fix it, your hatch will be late or early if it hasn't caused damage. but don't 'give up', what eggs you use make a difference, where they can from, eggs quality changes monthly,weekly, even daily

If you fail try again, keep a incubation log, do what works for you, its trail and error. everyone one hatches differently, what works for you might not work for someone else

This is my advice, use it or not, this is what works for me, and i'm passing it on, to help those who are new,

GoodLuck & Happy Hatching
So glad someone else does this I gave up with humidity ages ago and as long as my temp is within certain limits I don't bother I also listen to eggs I'm not sure are going to hatch for tapping and peeping.
I can honestly say since I relaxed the rules my hatch rate hate has gone up massively and I've not had a shrink wrapped chick or had to assist hatching either.
i'm sure people are going to get a bit irate about admitting this but each to their own do what works for you
Thanks for the info! I am waiting (day 22) and nothing has happened yet - this is our first time. I thought we have done everything the way we read to do it. At this point what happens happens. I am glad to hear an experienced person say to relax a bit!!
I agree, I'm on my 4th hatch and its not nowhere near as difficult as I thought. I am running 80% + on eggs that I get locally. I believe having a good temperature controller is key, and I am considering throwing away my Walmart digital thermometer's. They've not done anything but stress me out for no reason.
I agree! Mine runs about 2* cooler than my old fashioned merc/glass thermometer, and the humidity is WAY off from my wet bulb (by >20%). And I've managed to have great hatches in spite of this. Once again, the latest-and-greatest gives me stress and the old school, low-tech stuff works just fine. I just remind myself that broodies don't come with digital readouts and auto turners and forced air fans, and yet they still manage to hatch chicks every day.
I'm up to 9 chicks, with one more hatching/pipping. so even with what happened, out of 12 grown eggs only 2 have not pipped, that a great hatch

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