carl hodgson

6 Years
Sep 5, 2013
Is anyone using a SEE24AX 24 incubator and if so could you please help me. I just purchased one brand new and i find the results to be very poor. Out of 24 eggs candled there was 20 full but only 4 hatched. I just wondered is it something i am doing wrong,up to the stop turning day i fill 1 water tray and the day i stop turning i fill all 3. Has anyone any advice on this incubator please.
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I have never used this incubator. Not all incubators are created equal and some are definitely better than others. But, if you monitor all the functions well along the way, do not rely on the bator keeping the correct temp or humidity, keep notes along the way, you can usually have good hatches and if not, figure out whether or not it was the incubator or the just improper hatching techniques.

All this being said, it is advised to use another thermometer and hydrometer inside the incubator during incubation and not rely on what the bator itself is telling you. Poorly designed bators can be off and a few degrees in either direction can have devistating results.

So, on your next hatch, purchase a good thermometer and hydrometer from a reliable poultry supply company and keep them inside the bator during incubation. ALWAYS ALWAYS start with good eggs. Purchase eggs from a reliable breeder, not some stranger on ebay. Eggs make all the difference in hatch rate, genetic issues and health of the chicks. So do your research and start with a good egg.

Make sure to follow the proper storage of eggs before incubation, proper temps, times and humidities etc...for the species you are hatching and of course keep us posted along the way! :)
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thank you very much for your advice. I also have a corti 25 semi automatic and had very little problem using it. I just thought the automatic would be easier, I may have learned a lesson from this.


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