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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by JustTom, May 11, 2009.

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    I've had some acquaintances recommend Brinsea to me.

    I know nothing about bator's at all, and am getting a bit confused in doing my research. I'm looking into getting a setup to do some hatching, at first for myself to get familiar with the machines and to replace my aging birds, but eventually plan to expand enough sell a few chicks here and there. Not on a large scale, but need to plan ahead so that I have enough to handle expansion and handle more than an order or two at a time.

    So, I've been browsing the Brinsea site, and found that they suggest having a separate incubating and hatching bator(usually a still air one for hatching). Do you recommend this as well? I understand the reasoning, no turning and no hatching mess so you can continue to incubate. So, I'm thinking something like one of their Octagon types + the Hatchmaker still air types? Is that a standard setup?

    But, if I'm reading correctly, a cabinet model like Ova-Easy seems to have hatching baskets and a programmable turner, so could you get by with only one, or is it still recommended to have separate ones (ova-easy plus hatchmaker)?

    If you have separate ones, are there models that aren't practical to continue to add new eggs to? I'd like to have the flexibility to kind of "continuously" use them instead of having to gather and load all at once. Is that possible in all of them, or just certain types?

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    Quote:Brinsea small incubators are excellent, but I believe for your needs (expantion, selling chicks) you should buy a cabinet incubator.

    Here there are 3 choices:

    Ova Easy, Sportsman by GQF and Dickey, handcrafted incubator made of real wood.

    Personally I would go for Dickey, but you do your homework before you decide.

    Brinsea makes excellent models like ECO 20 Octagon 40,

    but a relatively new OVA Easy series had some issues I believe.

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