incubator ajustments need help


8 Years
Aug 14, 2011
Danville PA
ih i have a GQF 1270 incubator and i had to put a new therm in it this feb. and i decided to upgrade instead of a #3255 multi-turn therm that i had in when i got it, i decide to go with a digital therm a Proportional Electronic Thermostat for Egg Incubator from incubator warehouse. i think i made a mistake but i have it know is install and i was using it for a few weeks and then i started to be a pain. know i have no eggs in my incubator and need to start fresh. but i'm not doing that until i get most of the bugs out of it. i am in contact with IW but they are haven't gotten back to me yet on what i should do. any body have one of these therms in there GQF incubators that could help me alittle. i run my temp at 99.7 humidity at 40%, then run the temp the same and jump the humidity to 70% for hatching. my air vents i run half way open, the quarter way at hatching time. my temp jumps all over the place most of the time it drops. like on saturday i went out side it was at 99.7 and then and a half and hour it went down to 98.6 and i could get it back up for the life of me. unless i closed the vents all the way and didn't leave any fresh air in. i have no idea what to do have a empty incubator know lost 5 dozen eggs cause for the jump this weekend. need help and i have no idea if IW will respond. please help!
I have not used the IW thermostat , but I am familiar with digital controllers. If you are sure you don't have a loose connection I would say the thermostat is defective.

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