incubator brain fried!!


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Aug 13, 2013
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My Coop
ok so i have been doing 24/7 reserch on incubating my eggs so i know everything i possibly
ive done sooo much reserch that now i cant remember what i learned in the right order lol


ventilation all open or all closed during lockdown???
im trying to get my secondary bator set up for lockdown and cant remember whats what!! and now i cant find the info anywhere.
you guys have been sooo helpful im sure somebody else out there has pulled this before lol
Well, I don't usually change my ventilation at all during lockdown. Just make sure that you add more water to increase the humidity to around 70%, don't fiddle around with the temperature too much, and disturb the incubator as little as possible (this can be difficult--its very tempting to open and close the incubator, candling eggs "just to check if they're okay"). Let the chicks dry off and become fluffy before removing them and putting them in a brooder.

Good luck with your hatch!

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