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Jan 19, 2010
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On the back of a few others i am setting up an Incubator cam, it will begin THIS SATURDAY 9:00 AM GMT Showing the hatching of 4 light Sussex, 5 Indian game and one random Indian game hybrid.

tune in !

Also, just looking now and i can see the eggs rocking around- ever so slightly
dead exited now


Due to lots of cheeping for the last 6 hours or so i am now going live early!

NOTE: When the bator light is on you can hardly see anything due to over exposure, however the light goes off every few minutes and it WILL give you a window of good viewing for a minute or so - sorry about this. please wait for the stupid advert to finish....
Well after inadvertently switching my router off before going to bed there has been no internet between for 4 hours last night, Luckily i came and checked on them JUST at the right time as the first egg had pipped AND zipped and was going nuts trying to get out.! there is a recorded video on my page of this now,

Besides this i have 3 more that have pipped, however the first chick has knocked one of the eggs rolling about 4" away from its original spot! this egg had pipped and it is stilk rocking slightly, is this ok?

I was watching the first chick knock the eggs around last night. Everytime the light came on, she would throw herself all over the other eggs. lol

How many chicks were hatched?

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