Incubator clean up


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Jun 27, 2008
Christian County, Kentucky
Yahoo! New chicks have hatched. Booo! I have to clean the incubator. I had 4 that didn't hatch so I waited another day just in case. The extra time let the goo dry and stick to the inside of my styrofoam hovabator incubator. I cleaned in up with soap and water. Can anyone give me clean up tips? Can you buy liners or something for them? This hovabator is a model 1582 (still air).

I most generally use a Clorox/hot water solution to clean my Hova Bator with and then let it dry in the sun. I also line the wire in my bator with shelf liner like this -

(Sorry about the chick in the pic and it being a bit blurry, but figured it would give you an idea as to what I'm talking about!) This liner makes clean up sooooo much easier and is softer on the chicks feet.

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