Incubator failed!! Help!

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    Apr 3, 2016
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    Hey guys! I have one of those old brower metal 50 egg still air incubators and it was working great for about 5 days and then my heating element went out! They don't make them anymore and replacement parts are more then a new one but moving on! I candled a few of the 10 eggs I had in and they are showing veins but they sat at 65 degrees for 24 hours, do you guys think they are a lost cause or has anyone recovered from this?
    I can collect more eggs, it really was just a test run anyway but right now I have my eggs in a box with a heating pad and bowl of water with a thermometer that is maintaining 99 degrees. I might be able to get it warmer but I really just want to know if I should start over or if they could possibly keep growing? Thanks guys!!!
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    Feb 15, 2017
    Keep going It can't hurt, then we will all know the answer to you question. Candle again in a few days and let us know the results. Good luck

    You can replace the heating element with a light socket and a 40 watt bulb.
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