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    So as of Yesterday my Shipped incubator finally arrived. In all my years of chicken keeping I have never incubated. Ever. I have only ever used broody hens.The model is a Janoel 12 and I managed to set it up correctly (What a surprise :p)

    It seemed to be working fine until today- I faced my first Incubating problem. It is a forced Air incubator set at 37.5 Celsius but suddenly for no reason it has decided to raise to 40.5! What Is up with my incubator? I take the lid of for a bit and it settles down but once I place it back on, the incubator it soon Pipes up to 40.05 :eek:

    Any Advice or help to work my Incubator? (as in keeping the temperature at 37.5?) There are in eggs in there (It had been running fine for 24 hours before I placed them in there) Im afraid now that the eggs are goners (They are right?). I have a plenty of other eggs to place in the incubator once I get this problem sorted out!


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    Please Help guys. [​IMG]
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    Pffft! *Finally* Figured out the problem. Of course it was all Mustangs fault (I bet you can guess that I didn't set it up correctly [​IMG])
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    Are you double checking it with a thermometer? Some (a lot, it seems) incubators have to be set at a different number than what you actually want the temp to be.
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    Yes I am, But this Incubator is working extremely well (Thanks to the CA settings) [​IMG]

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