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    I recently purchased a used cabinet type incubator,although it was used and very dirty it was a good find for me because I have been using a LG styrofoam type and always wanted a bigger bator.I tried it out today and it heated up fine but I could not get the turner to work so I am curious if someone could look at these pics and maybe help me figure out what brand bator it is cause I have found no model number or nameplate anywere,however the thermostat and thermometer are GQF brand.I guess the turner needs a motor so I am hoping to find out were to find parts.

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    Looks homemade, but basically modeled after the GQF Sportsman 1502 or 1202. The turning motor is the same for both.

    If the bator was full of chick dander and dusk the turning motor may be just gunked up. I would take the motor a part and clean it out. I did this to one I bought and the turning motor has worked great ever since. Not sure shy the previous owner didn't ever clean it out.

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    Quote:How much do you pay for it?
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    Quote:How much do you pay for it?


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