incubator in the garage?


Apr 25, 2015
Hello all-

I've made an incubator and have tweaked it to remain a constant 102 degrees. My question is, how will keeping it out in the garage effect the temperature flucuation as apposed to keeping it inside?

it really depends on how insulated it is from the outside environment and how much the outside environment temperature fluctuates.

I am not an Incubator officianado but I do know about insulatiing things. You know that whole entropy thing....

By the way WELCOME to BYc
from the San Diego High desert For example it was 100 degrees today here... But its dropped down to the high 50s tonight. thats a 40 degree fluctuation from night to day.

But if I put that incubator in say a cardboard box that was a bit bigger than the incubator then the temperature would stabilize...

So the short answer..... it depends.

It would help others answer your question if you put your location so they could know what kind of environment you are dealing with.

There are hundreds of homade incubator building people here so help is on the way I am sure

I'm in Florida and the highs are somewhere in the 80s for the next week. In the night it gets about in the 60s.

I made the incubator out of a styrofoam cooler, so it is very bright, otherwise I'd keep it inside

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