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    Hello all,

    Firstly I apologize if this is coming at all of you from the wrong place; I sleuthed through the threads to add to an established conversation in effort to reduce the amount of chatter :) but was ultimately unsuccessful. At any rate, I purchased an old (not sure how old exactly, but it's made with wood and appears that it's seen some heavy use) GQF cabinet incubator (it has three wire trays and no turner) after having used it last summer with really great results. However, this year, I've had a heck of a time keeping the temperature consistent (I do have an external digital thermometer and don't go by the gauge on the incubator) and there's always water leaking out of the bottom which of course wreaks havoc on the humidity levels (it fluctuates between 26%-38% humidity).

    Last year I simply had to plug it in, add guinea eggs as I found them outside, turn them b.i.d, and everything went swimmingly with really grate hatch rates. I'm not sure if last year was just dumb beginner's luck, or if there is something that I should've done to this incubator prior to putting eggs in it this season or if there's something wrong with the incubator itself? To address temp, I've been adjusting the Allen wrench knob on the side in the appropriate direction +/- as well as making sure that all of the tin covers are over the vents, but still the temp is anywhere between 88- and 103 degrees.

    ANY advice would be greatly appreciated and I'm sure that a make/model number would behoove all, so I will make certain to attempt to locate that information and update this post.

    Thank-you all in advance.


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