Incubator light bulb life


Oct 18, 2018
Anyone know how many times on average you can complete incubation before the light bulb blows?

I know the on/off cycle is what makes them blow quicker and there are quite a few of those with my homeade incubator that uses a single 40 w light bulb. It works just fine but you got to wonder when it will pop. I think it turns on or off every 3-5 minutes. I would rather replace the bulb every incubation or two than worry about it going out.
There are 3 ways to handle your situation.
If your bulb is cycling soo often, then you can put a dimmer switch into circuit , and lower the heat output. This way the bulb stays on for extended periods of time.

Insulate your incubator better, so bulb will stay off for longer periods of time.

Get an appliance light-bulb, (40 watt) The type used inside ovens, or refrigerators. Those are HEAVY DUTY use category. Built to last under severe conditions. Not likely to burn out for long time.

WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :highfive:
what i would do is add a bulb for redundancy .. assuming you have a temp control relay that can control the lights just add a second receptacle .. if you need a relay you can work with you can pick them up on ebay for like 12 bucks ..
I like use heat generating Edison style filament incandescent E17 sized "smallish" bulbs in 25 and 40 watt which are commonly and affordably available and are used in "Lava Lamps" for one particular application.
6 for under 10 bucks usually. The 25's are great if you've been cycling on and off a bit too often with the 40's. I always run two bulbs for the double redundancy assurance safety option. Paired up with the very reliable and accurate BN-LINK Smart WiFi digital temperature controller and a few Govee wifi thermometer/ hygrometer and its game time for little chickees. :)
I use a standard e26 lamp base to an e17 Socket adapter to easily accomplish this smaller lamp base conversion.
What makes a lava lamp oh so groovy and move and groove is the heat generated by the bulb. An old post but maybe this info will help others.

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