Incubator Liquidation!! UPDATED WITH PRICES

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  1. equus2

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    I'm selling my tabletop bators, as I am getting a sportsman!!!!! If I keep them until then, I'll end up filling them again.....I'm so addicted.

    I think these are fair prices. Shipping will be actual shipping charges.

    TX-7 ($320)- with brand new turner purchased this year and used for 3 hatches. Manual included. Quail ring AND a regular chicken ring. This incubator is an absolute GEM. Just fill the water bottle with water.....and walk away. I removed the dry/wet bulb thermometer, in order to have a bit more room. But, I'll include those so you can reassemble the hyrgometer if you wish... I used the flukers, and had 80-90 percent hatch on shipped eggs.

    Hovabator Genesis with turner purchased new this year, used for two hatches. ($160) I'll throw in quail trays. My hatches are nearly that of the TX-7. Regulates temp itself. Great hatches, (except for the one where I forgot to plug in the turner until Day 8!!)

    Hovabator Genesis without turner (used as hatcher for one hatch) used from EBAY this year. ($110) The power supply is brand new, however.

    I'll sell the two Genesis's for $250.

    Please email me directly if interested. [email protected]
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  2. Florida chick

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    Jan 19, 2008
    Hi, please send me a pm on prices and shipping info to 32052. Thanks
  3. ml

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    Mar 4, 2007
    Ok so where did you find the sportsman? Shipping is a part of the price and was told they are going up on sept 1st.

  4. WrenAli

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    May 4, 2008
    Lebanon, OR
    *sigh* I wish I had money.

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