Incubator newbie needs help!


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Apr 25, 2010
So I set up my incubator and starting collecting eggs and was giving a bunch of random duck eggs when I went to go pick up some Calls.....Well Im new to this and need help for EVERYTHING! lol.....What temp should it be? It comes with an auto turner but was told I should be hand turning them? Idk....I just REALLY wanna hatch some new babies....We have it set at 99 right now and its been like that for about 3 days....too hot? I think the humidity is at 20ish something? Where should it be? I really need your guys help!
I've never incubated duck eggs, so I can't be a whole lot of help, but the temperature you need will depend on whether it's a still-air or a forced-air incubator. Also, I think I remember people on the forum saying that duck eggs need to be kept more humid than chicken eggs, so I would worry about that humidity. There are probably some good threads on incubating duck eggs: try searching the topic. I know when I searched threads on chicken egg incubation, I found a whole bunch on duck eggs as well. Good luck!

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