Incubator not turning - need advice please.


8 Years
Sep 8, 2011
Hello, I have an old "kit" incubator, maybe sold by Sears or ? way back when. It used to work A-OK, but now it does not turn. Let me explain I guess:

It has a toggle switch - one way sets it to AUTO, so it turns very slowly. The other way, we'll call MANUAL speeds it up so you can align trays and pull them out.

When the switch is set (held down with hand) to MANUAL, it will rotate trays back & forth A-OK.

When you set it to AUTO, it will not turn at all. I tried several times to turn it on, mark it and come back to see if it moved to no avail.

Now, on the back of the motor is a metal stem thingy that hits a little black switch. If you turn the trays MANUALLY and let it hit/activate the switch, then quickly flip switch to AUTO, it speeds up/goes FAST, like it is in MANUAL mode until the switch is deactivated, then it just stops again and will no longer move.

Question: Do you think it's my motor? I was going to replace, but since it turns OK on MANUAL I thought maybe it's OK & maybe it's the switch or something else electrical.

Although I enjoy tinkering with gasoline/mechanical things, electronics have always stumped my brain. I have included a few pics to maybe help. Thanks in advance!



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