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    I had pile of eggs sitting outside that I pulled from my pens a couple weeks ago and I kept forgetting to throw them away. Tonight, as I'm putting up my feed bucket I hear peeping... it was coming from the pile of eggs. Upon closer inspection, one egg was half zipped and another was pipped. Granted it's hot (and humid), but it certainly hasn't been anywhere close to consistent. Night time temps still get down to the low 80's or cooler. I candled the rest and found another that I can see movement in so I threw all three of them in the hatcher. I imagine they started to incubate under a hen for the first few days but even then, I wouldn't have expected them to continue growing and to hatch sitting out in the open air with the day/night temp fluctuations. Kind of makes you wonder if we aren't putting too much effort into keeping temps in our incubators exact.

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    Thats pretty cool,maybe we are fussing to much on bator temp if you can just leave a pile of eggs out and get chicks [​IMG] .Its hard to think how that would happen with temp fluctuation and all that, and how did they get turned 2 times a day every day? Thats almost some kind of miracle [​IMG] It makes me think about what might happen to the bowl of peacock eggs in my room. The day I was gona put my chicken eggs in the bator, my dad brough home some peacock eggs from my uncle's house, and I wasn't gona put them in the incubator beacause they were to big for the egg turner cups so I just put them all in a bowl an left it on a desk. My rooms the hottest one in the house about 90 deggrees, because I don't turn my fan on, cause I know It will create a draft messing up my bators temp( but from hearin ur story, might as well turn it on whenever I like)Its been about 2 weeks but peacock eggs take longer that chicken eggs so I guess I'll seee what happens [​IMG] Good Luck [​IMG]
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    When I collect my eggs I leave them in a warm room (80's/90's) a few days before I put them in the incubator and I usually have early hatches (day 18). I did think it was probably because I leave them in a warm room until I set them so they probably started to develop.
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    I always wonder that know the hens dont have a time clock.....

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