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    Im looking to hatch a few dozen duck eggs a year, to grow out my flock and sell a few, I hope. I am wondering if an incubator works well, or a broody muscovy would reliably sit several clutches of eggs without much trouble. I really only have use of one arm and one leg, so the idea of a broody duck doing tbe work for me sounds great.

    I had raised Barred Rocks for a nearly a decade, but now that I have children and a pond I would like to try ducks. Im looking to raise dual purpose breeds with an emphasis on eggs.
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    Nice to have you with us!

    Now..when you say Several Clutches of egg do refer to your duck sitting on several batches or your duck sitting on a big batch? If so, Yes a broody duck can be reliable to sit on a large clutch of eggs-As much eggs she can fit under her body without to much cramping going on. However, Several clutches is not a good idea and she really cant be trusted to do that. Bare in mind the energy and time used up to brood her eggs then sit long hours waiting for them to hatch. It really is a lot of work!

    Just to make sure she will be reliable enough place some dummy eggs under her (Dummy eggs can either be golf balls or infertile eggs, and so on..) Its also good to keep in mind that shipped eggs often have a 50% less chance of hatching then your ordinary eggs. So don't get frustrated at momma duck if some don't hatch!

    Broodys are the best way to go if you have one take the chance, They'll do all the work for you [​IMG]

    BEST of luck! [​IMG]

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