Incubator problems !!!

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    Nov 5, 2013
    I built my own incubator and bought the 225 incukit and put in it and it works great, but I can not get the temp down, it's ru 104 !!! Can anybody please help me with the settings to get it to 99.5 ? Thanks !!!
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    If you are saying your thermostat is reading 99.5 but your "Accurate" thermometer is reading 104 inside---you need to re-calibrate the thermostat. I personally would feel the Incustat thermostat is not that far off but if you feel it is----just go to the calibrate mode and + 4.5 degrees which will bring your internal thermometer down to around 99.5---the same thing your thermostat will be reading.
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    have you got the fan and heater wires on the wrong spade terminals?

    there was a recall for that issue a while back

    a service bulletin was sent 2/26/14

    Service Bulletin from

    It has come to our attention that in a small percentage of 225 Watt Incukits a wiring error was made that caused the fan to turn off instead of the heater.

    On the back side of the 225 Watt IncuKit Thermostat there are colored wire connectors on the ends of the wires. These are color coded to connect with the correct wires coming out of the heater and fan portion of the IncuKit. If you have already set up the IncuKit and it stabilized at the correct temperature and is working properly, then your unit is not affected by this issue. If you have not done so, we request that when you set up the IncuKit that you inspect the color coding to ensure the connectors were assembled correctly.

    GREEN wires should have RED connectors on the ends. These connect with the RED connectors that lead to the heating elements on the heater portion of the IncuKit.

    We appreciate your attention to this cautionary request. If you find the connectors are not as listed above, please contact customer service for further instructions.

    The quality and safety of our products are of utmost importance.

    Regards, Quality Assurance
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 208-740-1344

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