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Apr 25, 2015
In everyones Hatching experience, Id like to know which incubators you recommend and which ones have given the best hatch results. (I know everyones incubating environment can affect this/cause different results, however Id like takes on just overall hatch experience with a certain incubator)!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!
The incubators I've used most are Hovabators. I have a Genesis 1588 and just got a 1602. The genesis is REALLY nice. The temp is factory preset and it has a digital reading. So far I've found it to be accurate. I really like mine.
The 1602 is little harder for me to get used to as I have to regulate the temperature and I wasn't used to that! It seems to be stable now though and I have eggs in there. For what I paid for it, it's a good deal.
So I guess from my experience, ( not to much!! :) I would definitely recommend the 1588 if you're looking for a higher class stryro bator. It's a set it and forget it type!
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