Incubator Rental?

Gee never thought of that.
I don't have an incubator but often think about buying one. Just can't make the plunge right now. So, I'd pay around $20 to rent one I guess. Maybe $30 if I had enough eggs to make it worth it.
I'd probably do $20-30 a month as well, but i would probably have a deposit of at least what the incubator was worth that would be returned after you got the 'bator back safely.
I got a hovebator from and it was only 59 dollars counting shipping and a thermostat, and I just put my 5 eggs in today. It keeps the temp really good to, just thought I would let you know.
I would LOVE to rent an incubator with temp/humidity gauge. I've always bought day olds but would love to try hatching my own chicken and guinea eggs. I'm in NM, not sure if that matters, I can pay shipping. If you are still interested in renting please send your terms to [email protected]


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