Incubator spikes...are my chicks going make it???


8 Years
Nov 1, 2011
Update on the Wine-bator test run:

Apparently, I was lucky enough to be sent an IncuKit with a faulty thermostat. Yeah,...not really! So after, the empty test runs, thinking I had the kinks worked out, I filled one of the rack with eggs (Marans, Cochin, EE’s) and I struggled to get the temp stabilized. It would ready 99.5, then 8hrs later spike to 103, 105, etc. I would then try and adjust it and the process would repeat itself. After 5 days of that game I called the company for a replacement or my money back. They mentioned they would gladly send a replacement.

So last night, I pulled 12 eggs out to start tossing them out. I figured I had COOKED them all. Well, to my surprise and disbelief, the first egg I cracked had a live developing embryo in it! WTH, I thought! First, I felt awful for the little guy then I thought about the rest of the eggs.......

Are they really developing? Can they be developing properly? Should I ride the incubation out? (Which is my inclination) Or should I spare the developing chicks from what, one might imagine would be a flock of deformed zombie chicks if they hatch and just start fresh?

BTW, I just got the new kit today.
I have had minor SHORT spikes before when I was using a bad incubator! I still had some chicks hatch! If its only 12 eggs then you might wanna ride it out and see! If they are weak or deformed then they probably won't get out of the shell anyways! I would at least give them a shot though!

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