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    May 8, 2017
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    I'm trying to hatch quail and this is my first time doing anything like this. I bought the Little Giant still air incubator and I put a meat thermometer in it to check it's accuracy. It is horribly off. I have the temperature setting bumped up to"109.5" degrees Fahrenheit but the meat thermometer tells me it's still about 98 in there. The meat thermometer is accurate because it matches my thermostat for my house when left at room temperature. The incubator will not go any higher. Is there anything I can do to fix this? The incubator is on a tile floor so I thought about putting a towel under it so it's not getting g cold from the ground. It's the 9300 model.
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    Try a different thermometer. Like one you take your temperature with.
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    First off these incubators need to be in a place where there is no draft, no cold. A cold tile floor is not a good place. Second the digital Little Giants are famous for being off at least two degrees. The hygrometer on them is also crappy. Third, get a real thermometer/hygrometer, check them for accuracy and use them instead of the display.
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    I use two thermometer/hygrometers per incubator - one digital and one analog. And sometimes I add a third thermometer...a refrigerator tube thermometer that measures to 120°F in 1° increments. It might seem a bit of an overkill, but I've lost hatches in the past due to 'meters that were off and when paying $100+ for eggs from show quality birds, I'm not taking any chances.
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    If you got it setting on a cold tile floor and probably in a 70 degree cooled home----it don't stand a chance of heating to 100 degree's. Moving it to room where you can close the ac vents some and off the floor will help. I do not like to use a towel under it because that can block some of the vent holes----if yours has vent holes on the bottom.
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    all good advice! you can also try to add heat sinks to the bator

    HEAT SINKS/ Stones/Pebbles ADD THEM TO STYRO! post #43903
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    I use no less than THREE thermometers. Check them in ice water. Place a towel over the windows. I poked a hole in mine so that the thermometer is at the height of the eggs in the turner. Dropping it through a vent hole doesn't work well with a solid thermometer, its too close to the heating element to get an accurate reading. If this still doesn't help,go to home depot buy the 1/2 Styrofoam insulation.cut it to fit the bottom of the incubator and raise the turner higher. I had a similar problem with the same type incubator.
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    Towel goes over the incubator windows.:) I keep my house at 63 degrees, fans blowing like crazy. You can get the temp set if you play with it most of the time. That being said I had one farm rite that wouldn't cooperate. Temp spikes. Chunked it in the garbage after the 3rd disaster
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    The heat sink idea is a good one. The quail eggs are so small that they DON'T act as heat sinks like the larger chicken eggs do. And don't get discouraged. If the eggs are Coturnix you should be OK. I think you could leave them on a shelf and they'd still hatch
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