Incubator temperature won't stay at 100 degrees???!??

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    Jul 7, 2015
    I am trying to get my incubator ready to put the eggs in but it won't stay at 100 degrees!
    So the temp in my house is a very consistent 75-79 degrees. I bought a cheap still air incubator one of those styrofoam ones. So I read the directions about 10 times and I very carefully turned the dial to get the temp at 100 degrees. Once it was set I turned the knob a teeny bit JUST until the light went off. I then watched the incubator stay between 98-103 degrees (I know that fluctuation isn't ideal) and when I got up to check on it this morning the air temp was 75 (was 77 last night) and the incubator was 79???? I turned the knob as far right as I could but the light won't go on and it absolutely won't heat up. What am I supposed to do? I've never hatched eggs but this is extremely frustrating:(

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    for a still air your temp needs to be 102° at the top of the eggs, 100° is for a forced air.

    fluctuations are normal and when you have eggs (added mass) the fluctuation will be smaller, you can also add bottled water as a thermal mass to help if you don't have a full incubator of eggs. regardless you want to average your fluctuation around the desired temp, if you have a 4° swing you want it to be +/- 2° of the desired temp.

    with your light not coming on as you increase the thermostat setting and your temp that low it sounds like your heating element or thermostat have failed, you'll need to troubleshoot and find the fault. start by checking that it's plugged in (i know sounds silly but it happens), then check wiring to the thermostat and to the heating element.

    good luck!!

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