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I am new to incubators and bought a Hova-Bator 1583 yesterday. It is a forced air bator with wafer thermostat. How much is the temp supposed to fluctuate in these. I have got it with in 2 degrees but thought it should be closer than that. The thermostat will turn off at 100.7 and the tenp will drop to 98.7 before it turns back on. Should I be able to get it closer than that or is that about as good as it is with this type of bator? This is with both plugs out of the top, and I am using a spot check thermometer. Thanks.
I am by no means an expert but I have hatched 2 batches in an incubator and I am working on the 3rd. This temp is fine. I would leave it alone .... That range is exactly the low and high that you need to hatch eggs . Do you have a turner too? If so..... sit back and relaxe and wait for day 18 :0) when Lock down begins..... and all the peep peep peeping from inside the shells
2 degree variation is normal, and will yield happy healthy chicks. Prolly more likely to kill a developing chick with too much humidity. Try the Dry incubation method. Good luck!
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Fluctuation is fine as long as not that extreme. Remember, you are imitating Momma, and she can't get it perfect every time.
Thanks for the help with the temps.. I do have a turner. My next question is how long does it take for the temps to stabilize once you put the eggs in? I have had this bator running for about a week now and set some eggs tonight. They were room temperature when I put them in. The temps went crazy though. They are swinging from 96.6 to 101.5. Before I set the eggs they were at about 99-100.5 for the last 3 or 4 days. Just wondering if this is normal. Thanks for your help.
On my incubator there is a L shaped screw. Put the straight end of the screw in the hole on top outside of the bator lid. Then on the inside of the bator lid screw the thermostat on to the end of the screw. Also there is a wing nut that is on the screw on the outside of the bator. This is the way I done mine. Hope this is explanation helps.

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