Incubator Temperature?


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Oct 8, 2010
Hinesville, GA
Wondering how close the temperature has to be to 99.5? I have three Thermometers in the incubator and all three have different readings. I have a Little Giant thermometer that came with the incubator that looks like it reads 99 (small and hard to read), a Walmart Digital Thermometer/Hydrometer that reading 100.4 and a probe type thermometer like A/C Heating repairmen uses that is reading 100. Wonder which one is correct? The incubator I have is a Forced Air Little Giant with an older style turner in it. The Hydrometer is reading around 45 - 55, depending on the time of day it is. The Eggs have been in the incubator for six days... Is the temp close enough to being correct that the eggs should hatch? This is my first try hatching...

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