Incubator Thermometer HELP!!!!


7 Years
Jan 30, 2012
Ok, i know there are tons of threads on thermometers, but i couldn't find a recent one and i need help!!!

I just purchased a used 1200 sportsman series cabinet. I replaced the water pan and wafer. everything else looked good except the egg turner motor was froze up, so my neighbor came over and fixed it for me. so now it works GOOD. it came with the metal thermometer that has the long narrow end on it and i ran the bator foe a week until that thermometer reached the 99. but then i started thinking it had been awhile since that guy had used it so i don't know how old that thermometer is and if it is in proper working order!!!! So i have two thermometers from incubator warehouse. one is digital with the humidity and temp and the other is an egg thermometer. those two read pretty much on at the same temp of 97.5 and the metal one reads different at 101. I don't know which to believe and i just put some silkie eggs in it, which this is my first try at using this bator. i really want to believe the egg thermometer because that is what the inside egg temp should be.

HELP!!!!!! i dont want to burn up the eggs for the temp to be to high, which is what the metal one would be. but i don't want the temp to be too low at 97.5 which is what the other two say......

I would think that since you have 2 that match readings, that would be the correct temp and the older one is miscalibrated.

just for kicks & peace of mind and since thermometers are relatively inexpensive, you could place a fourth thermometer in there and if you get 3 that read the same, i would toss the older one and up your temp to the correct setting
thanks grey cat. I was thinking the same thing. i just wanted some imput from others before i did anything. my first time using a cabinet incubator so i don't want to blow this hatch!
i did order the spot check thermometer. LOL....I have to wait until it comes in. I hope this week.
So maybe i should turn my temp up until the two thermometers read close to 99??? they are at 95/96....

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