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    I have found this method works great for me. I let the eggs sit in the incubator until day 18 then depending on how many chicks I have* they go into a hatcher just like everybody does but I have found that as soon as the Chick is free of the egg I remove the chick and the old egg from the hatcher and put it in a fluffer. A fluffer for me is a smaller brooder that I made in the spring it has a 100w bulb about 5-6 inches from the bottom, on the bottom I have put hand towels for the chick to lay on. The only thing the fluffer is for is to let the chick dry and get its sea legs once it is able to walk and is eatting and drinking it goes in to the larger brooder with chicks about its own age and then once its old enough it will go outside. I added 2 pix the inside of the box and the waterer I use for hatchlings

    (*depending on how many chicks I have)

    my smaller incubator is set up to either have a egg turner in the top and hatcher on the bottom or run 2 egg turner and then use a LG still air as a hatcher.

    my larger incubator has 5 shelves for 480 eggs (3 shelves 90 each 2 shelves 105 each) with 2 seperate hatchers in the bottom.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    It looks good! I haven't hatched chicks myself so it was interesting to see how you did it! Thanks for posting.

    I can't even begin to imagine how many chickens I would have running around if I could hatch 480 eggs [​IMG]

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