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  1. I have been incubating a few eggs and 2 days ago someone accidentally unplugged the bator. I am unsure how long it was without power but I am guessing about 12 hours. When I plugged it back in the temp readout said 66 degrees F. I haven't candled them yet and was wondering if I should just let the incubator run it's course. There are 7 days left.
    What's the likelihood of these eggs hatching, and if any, what would the damage be to the embryos?
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    Jan 4, 2012
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    Can you say deja vu. I just came on here to post the same question. Bater was fine when I went to work, Cat managed to unplug it while I was at work, 65 when I got home and the bulb broke. Except or me it was less then 8 hrs and the eggs have been in just one day. How far along were yours when it was unplugged?
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    May 6, 2011
    12 hours is a long time. Not to be indelicate but they are probably dead. I could be wrong though.
  4. I would let yours sit in the bator and candle at 7-8 days.
    Mine were 12 days in. My thought is to just let it run to the end of the cycle. I am just wondering if this causes any health or development problems in a chick that hatches after an episode such as this, or does it kill the embryo outright?
  5. Thanks for your reply. I had a feeling they might be. When I candled them a week ago only was was showing sure signs of life (very clear veining and the heart/eye jumping around). So we will see if this one survives.
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    Jan 4, 2012
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    I was planning on letting them sit then candle. I hope they make it, I have well over $125 in eggs in there. Bought a bunch of show quality eggs to get the kids stocked up for 4H. The primary supplier of chicks for the county had cancer surgery at the end of last year and we are unsure if he will have anything hatched. I have a second back-up bater going with a mix, minus the RIR which are all in the unplugged bator and have two days on the others. Figures, RIR are my daughters favorite chicken and something always happens with them (eggs don't hatch, poor hatch with chick deaths, don't get any eggs, or only a rooster (we live in the city so no crowing).

    Hope yours make it. At least this is all a learning experience.
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    I think both of you should let the incubator run it's course...nothing to lose! I have thought eggs were no good only to see a live chick when throwing them out! THat is the most heartbreaking thing EVER! SO unless you are absolutely POSITIVE that they are dead just wait...yeah...I was positive a few times already! Not good!
    Fingers crossed for your eggs! Terri O
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    Hey! try to experiment and see what happens ! You never know ! [​IMG]Good luck and please let us know if little chickies are here !![​IMG]
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    never give up on cool temp when hatching, alot does depend on when but he's what happened to me.

    My 'bator is in a heated shed, so when I candle I need to take them in the house. I was hatching Mahogany Faverolles and Booted bantams (gold neck). 2 seperte racks. I placed the tray on the top of the 'bator and brought in the Faverolles, candled. there was nothing I was so disapointed I forgot about the booted on the top of the 'bator. the temp in the shed is 55-60, the where 3-4 days from hatching. they where left out for about 12 hours. for the heck of it I placed them back in the 'bator to see what would happen 11 where filling the egg shell. the day of hatch pasted no babies 3 more day they started to hatch it took 3 more days but all 11 hatched.
    Hatching is a crap shoot, you never know what your going to get and should be happy with what ever hatches out.
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    I love your picture. That one chick on the right looks like it has angel wings.


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