Incubator wiring help needed


Jun 23, 2013
I have a Farm Innovators Pro Series Digital Incubator model 4250. The heating element went out. I couldn’t find a replacement heating element so I bought the heating element to a Little Giant 7300. I attached the heating element to the incubator. I successfully wired the fan to the control panel of the 4250. I have the other 2 black and white wires attached to the control panel but it is not getting any power to the heating part of the new heating element. Any suggestions?


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You might consider calling farm Innovators to ask for help. I couldn't find any replacement parts other than on there site. They should be able to give you some advise on wiring the new element to your 4250.
How did you splice in the new element without cutting the black wire? Maybe just can't see.

It appears to be wired up correctly. How do you know it was the heating element that went out? Maybe the control panel went out and not sending 120v to the element.

Disconnect the heating element and check the voltage with a multimeter by using the black and white wire coming out of the control panel. Careful not to get shocked. If you don't have 120v, then something is wrong with the control panel part.

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