incubator with no humidity measurement??


Jul 13, 2016
My incubator has no way to tell the humidity and it is to small to put a thermometer measuring humidity in it. I am not sure if I am putting too much or too little water in. Is this a problem?
Flying blind with humidity is a bit risky as incorrect humidity levels can mess up your hatch and cause problems and possible hatch failures. You should be able to get a cheap, but good hygrometer at any good pet shop. They stock and sell them for reptile keepers.
What incubator are you using? I have the small brinsea mini and I love my little dial hygrometer. It's cheap and easy to calibrate and fits in the tiny bator.
Thank you. In the end I got a new and better incubator. Thanks for the help, i will make sure to buy a humidity monitor if I next use it :)

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