Incubator woes- ANOTHER UPDATE RE: Skillet's Eggs W/ PICTURES!!!!


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Well guys, I purchased 24 eggs from a breeder out west so I could get some new colors. They got here safe and sound and they are some very pretty, pretty, pretty eggs. I was so impressed. They went into the incubator after sitting for 24 hours and lock down was this past Sunday, August 28. Well, I live in Virginia and was only suppose to get a couple inches of rain with 20 mph gusts. So we didn't prepair for anything. However we got instead over 6 inches of rain with gusts from 60 to 70 mph. We got hit hard by the hurricane. Electric went out on Saturday, August 27 early in the storm. It is now Wednesday and still no electric. The temp and humidity in the incubator has been all over the place from down in the 80's to up in the 110's for temps ( I put the incubator in the car to try and raise the temp but it hit 110, sounded like a good idea at the time). The humidity has been in the 90's and 100's. I was holding out because sometimes eggs can surprise you but I think they are all dead. I candled them using a flash light and all were full but I couldn't see anything moving but I have never seen anything moving in a guinea egg because they are so thick so I think I will wait another day before giving up. I hate giving up and it's not the money that I spent on the eggs that bothers me, it's losing the keets. OH well. Theres always next spring.
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Usually when the temp spikes over 103-104 degrees for even a few hours it will kill the developing keets, so 110 degrees probably did them in. Combined with the drastic lows if any of your keets do hatch out, my guess would be that they will have some major issues. I too would wait another day tho, just in case, and candle them again, even listen to the eggs with a stethoscope. What a bummer for you, sorry for the loss if that's how it turns out.
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I don't hold out a lot of hope either, but sometimes you get pleasant surprises. I don't know what day you are on, but I suggest you keep going a while, just sniff them regularly to see if any are going bad. What have you got to lose?
I'm on day 26 and I thought I would give it to day 28 to give me peace of mind. Usually mine all hatch around day 24 or 25. But you are right PeepsCa, if any do hatch there could be some major health issues. I don't hear anything coming from the eggs. I do have a
stethoscope for the horses, so I will try to listen with that. I can't bear to break them open, it would break my heart plus I know what happened. So....... the good thing is none of my guineas got hurt during the hurricane. Horses, dogs, cats are all fine. House is fine. Barn took three trees but not much damage. DH two pet chickens made it ok too.
Sorry you lost the keets! Our power goes out regularly here so i do understand the pain! Thankful everything else faired well for you. Next spring you can always try again Hopefully you will have power soon.

I bought a battery back up for power outages. Power was out for a few hoursthe other day. The battery only lasted 15 minutes!!!! So don waste the $60 on the back up battery!!! We are getting a while house generator in October so as long as we have propane we will have power!
Well guys you won't beleive this but 4 of the eggs are pipping!!!! I went home after work yesterday and got the stethoscope and when I took the top off of the incubator I heard peeping! I took a closer look and 4 were pipping. I checked again this morning and the 4 were still working on it but none had hatched yet so maybe this will be a little surprise.
Oh wow, that's good news!! Maybe your thermometer was just in the sun when it was reading 110!?!
Good luck, hope you get at least a few healthy, pretty keets after all that stress and worry!
Oh yay!! So happy you have some pipping!
I actually JUST placed mine into their 'bator at midnight. I got them from out of state as well I'll be crossing my fingers for you and your guinea babies

I'm also a fellow Virginian and Irene was definitely icky but I'm glad to hear it seems for the most part that you fared well!! Do you have power back yet??
The lights came back on early this morning. LOL! It about gave us both a heart attack when everything came back on. We are still trying to clean up. We got the barn and pasture back in working order first. When I let the guineas out for the first time after the storm, they were like a bunch of kids in a candy shop. They about ran me over at the door!

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