then hova bator has them now she said farm 4250 buy them at farm store tsc I do not shop there for anything hova they have a website I agree get forced air reliable temps and humidity now big buck is 319.00 for their 28 a excellent unit
are like 68.00 these will take like many quail or 56 regular eggs I will admit if you have the money to blow go ahead with brinsea but website google hova bator or GQF that makes them you get to buy additional Humidity check and temp there are lots of folks on here to help you calibrate now folks like me I have 4 silkie there only job is hatch chicks they do that very well right now raising 3 blue marans I do have a Janoel12 little thing only hold 6 or 8 eggs I stink at incubating hence let the silkie do it

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