Incubators and humidity.


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Oct 16, 2020
Hey guys, I’m having some serious problems with sticky chicks. I live in a wet part of Hawaii And am hatching quail.

Are there incubators that have the ability to DECREASE humidity? Like, a dehumidifier-incubator?

I’m trying to decide whether to just buy a dehumidifier to keep next to my incubator, or buy a new incubator altogether.

(Or whether I want to just make a friend on the dry side of the island. Haha.)


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Nov 23, 2010
St. Louis, MO
Not that I'm aware of. What I would do is get a dehumidifier and put it in a closet with the incubator and then turn the dehumidifier off once egg weight gets down to where it should be.
If feral chickens hatch eggs there, you should be able to hatch them in an incubator if you don't add water.

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