Incubators That Fit Ratite Eggs?

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    Apr 15, 2009
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    I have been thinking about graduating from my Hovabator to a Brinsea Octagon 20 for a long time now and finally have enough money set aside for one.

    Also, we are house-hunting and found some nice properties on 10 acres, so we have been revisiting the possibility of someday having a pair of emus, rheas or ostriches. (Not sure which. I would want a pair of each but someone in our household thinks that's too many. [​IMG] )

    So here's my question. I am wondering whether the Brinsea can fit one of these eggs? I read somewhere here that the styrofoam GQF or LG-type bators will fit emu eggs. I was hoping to sell it to help offset the cost of the Brinsea, but should I hang on to the Hova-bator for hatching ratite eggs if I go for the Brinsea? Or should I keep saving up for a cabinet incubator instead?

    ...Or am I going to get addicted and need the cabinet incubator anyway? [​IMG]
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    10 acres can house a lot of poultry... LOL. I'd save up for the Cabinet, LOL.... hehe but you're talking to some one with 300 chickens... [​IMG]
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    I have a Brinsea Eco 20 and just put one of my blown emu eggs in it to check the fit. The bator lid barely fit, I doubt a hatching emu chick would fit. So, I'd say start saving up for a cabinet model. In my area they're fairly easy to find. Last year I bought two GQF Sportsmen's from a CraigsList ad, for a whopping $50 each. They work just fine, have the full plexi doors, and are set up for ratite eggs. I also bought one from a friend who used to hatch emu eggs; that one was $150 and I thought that was a good deal also.

    Good luck with the house hunting! I hope you're able to find a cabinet bator... I'm totally addicted to incubating now!

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