Incubators wanted!!

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  1. So to my shock & awe--my 10+ year old Hova-bator is not working properly anymore! [​IMG]

    It was fine when I put it into the closet this fall but I fired it up on Monday and the temps are WAY off and it's not holding the temps at all to this day. It's not in a drafty area--it's in the same place it was all summer last year when I hatched out LOTS of chicks. I think I need a new wafer--but with 12 mille cochin eggs from another BYC'er and three of my own I just collected--I do not want to take any chances or the time to order & install a new wafer.

    It's holding 97-99 now but I do not trust it. I had to resort to putting my eggs in my LG (still air) this morning! [​IMG]

    LONG story short--I need a new 'bator. I would perfer a hovabator with a fan. Does not have to be fancy or new...I've been keeping my eyes peeled for a cheap 1588 but no luck.

    I have PayPal or will trade for some eggs...


  2. Oh I wanted to add that I'm trying to stay under $100.00 for anything used because I buy brand new for less than that. [​IMG] Although I'd consider spending more on a T6 or something. [​IMG]

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